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There are many different characters that appear as needed in the Fred and Susie episodes. One time they may be dressed as cowboys and the next as Egyptians. 
Cast: Neighbors

Voiced by David Popp

Anthony was the third puppet built for the Fred and Susie show. He made his debut with the line "Wire cutters! Did she just say wire cutters?" in the first episode. Since then, he's played the sassy manager of Warehouse World in show 2 and the not-so-helpful sheriff in show 3. Anthony is really a caricature of Fred and Susie producer David Popp, which can drive the cast a bit crazy at times. A producer in puppet form is never a good thing!

Favorite thing: Ice cream, without a doubt!
Voiced by Jill Kossow

If you're looking for the most annoying character in the show, you may have found her. After being nearly silent in Episode 1, Jillian is now best known for speaking at roughly 500 words a minute in every episode since. Still, she's a lot of fun to work with on set, and you've got to love those bouncing blond curls. She has had many memorable appearances on Fred and Susie episodes, but check out her styling jean jacket and 1960s sunglasses in Show 3! 

Favorite thing: Like, a mirror, of course!
Voiced by Craig Schneider

Pete is our resident loveable old codger. He made his first appearance in Episode 2 as the father in the Prodigal Son story, and showed up again as the beardless Santa Clause in our 2010 Christmas music video. Pete's most recent appearance is that of the kind cowpoke in Show 3, and is now voiced to old-man perfection by Craig. A little know Pete fact is that he's currently one of only two puppets with eyebrows. 

Favorite thing: A solid afternoon of playing checkers
Voiced by Chris Popp

Sandra is known to Fred and Susie audiences for the same line used over and over again in the various episodes. "I'm sorry, what did she say?" is her signature phrase, and it's used as a cue for Fred to explain important and interesting facts. Sandra was the first female puppet we built, and as a result, she has very finicky hair. So finicky, in fact, that Sandra is the only puppet on the show that gets to spend time with a professional hair stylist before she can film!  

Favorite thing: Tea and crumpets 
Stuart Stewart
Voiced by David Popp

What happens if your first name is also your last name? Well, that's the world that Stuart Stewart lives in. As a bit of Fred and Susie history, Stuart was actually supposed to be a woman with curly hair. However, when assembling the mouth, the fabric wrinkled badly, and so Stuart became a bald man with a wrinkled mouth instead. We think he looks a lot like an actor with a similar last name, so that's how Stuart got his start on the show. He's great at being a television host.  

Favorite thing: Science fiction TV shows
Voiced by Chris Popp

Andy has been used by a number of different puppeteers in Fred and Susie shows, but finally settled into a regular voice in show 3, where he plays the leader of the bandits in the Good Samaritan story. Past acting appearances include playing one of the kings in our 2010 Christmas video, and he was seen on the Sly Sam show and as the older brother in the Prodigal Son story in episode 2. Andy is a flexible character actor and he's willing to play just about any part we give him. 

Favorite thing: Banana splits 
Kevin McTavish
Voiced by David Popp

Kevin McTavish debuts in show 3 and is our first "live hand" puppet. What that means is that the puppeteer's hands fit inside the puppet's hands, so Kevin can pick things up, point, wave, throw stuff, and do all sorts of other movements that we can't do with traditional rod puppets. Unless just one hand is need for the shot, it takes two puppeteers to run Kevin. Although Kevin plays the bully character in show 3, he has adjustable eyes, so as shown here, he can play nice characters as well.   

Favorite thing: Playing the piano  
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Voiced by Susan Wiedmeyer

Kelsey is one of the newest puppets on the show. She made her debut in TV episode 12 as one of the good maidens in the story of the 12 bridesmaids and the lamps. Kelsey will appear more regularly in Fred and Susie's neighborhood, beginning with episode 14. Although somewhat shy, she is a beautiful person on the inside, and through the encouragement of Fred and others, she is learning who God made her to be and letting her spirit shine from the inside out.  

Favorite thing: Writing stories and singing.