Ever wonder who's who on the 
Fred and Susie team? Meet our key players right here!
Cast: Main Characters
Played by Jill Kossow

Susie is one half of the team that is The Fred and Susie Show. (The other half is her dog, Fred.) Susie enjoys teaching children how to sing and play musical instruments, and she works as a music educator in a school. Susie also loves to garden and cook. She grows many different kinds of vegetables in her garden during the summer and then uses them to make yummy things to eat all year round. She's also great at making craft projects and giving good advice. Click Susie to watch!

Favorite things: Most any fruit and reading books
Played by Chris Popp

Fred is Susie's faithful dog. Although he's good at getting into trouble, he's also good at learning things too, and he always comes to Susie for help. Fred likes music as well, and he usually comes up with a song or two in each show to teach to everyone. Fred has a number of friends in the neighborhood, including Lacey the Beagle and her owner Sam, as well as Sherman, the new kid. Fred has his own video blog, called The Dog Blog. Click Fred to watch! 

Favorite things: Dog biscuits and his Frisbee
Voiced by Chris Popp

Sam has the distinction of being the very first puppet made for the Fred and Susie show. His name is actually short for "Sample." Being a test case, Sam has tried out three different pairs of arms, and he didn't receive ears until our second DVD! Sam, along with his dog Lacey, live next door to Fred and Susie.

Favorite thing: Lasagna!
Lacey the Beagle
Voiced by Jill Kossow

Lacey the Beagle is Sam's faithful dog. After mentioning her as an off-camera character on DVD 1, we decided we really should make her into a regular player on the show, so she made her debut on DVD 2. Lacey usually has very sound advice for Fred, and if she seems familiar, that's because she's voiced by Jill, who also plays Susie. Fred enjoys his friendship with Lacey very much, but feels like sometimes she can be a bit bossy, even though she's just watching out for him. 

Favorite thing: Playing in the park
Voiced by Craig Schneider

Sherman is the new kid to the Fred and Susie neighborhood. He and his mom moved in with his grandmother while his dad, who is in the Army, is away overseas. Sherman was introduced in DVD 3, "Being a Good Banana." Though he had a tough time with bullies for a bit, he's now friends with Sam, Fred, and Lacey. Sherman likes to play soccer, and he's really good in math class. 

Favorite thing: The Ford Model A, the toy car given to him by his father

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