In addition to human characters, the world of Fred and Susie contains a lot of very talkative animals. Here are some of the more common ones.
Cast: Animals

Baxter the Pig
Voiced by Chris Popp

Baxter is our loveable pig with the Scottish accent. He got his start with episode 2, and he has his own production blog called, "Behind the Scenes with Baxter," which you can find on the Video Clips page. Bax is one of the Fred and Susie utility players, and he shows up in all sorts of places. In Show 3, he spends a lot of time wearing a fake mustache and several different costumes. Click Baxter to watch his video blogs!

Favorite thing: Pizza, and lots of it!
Voiced by Craig Schneider

Edward is a house frog. House frogs have hair, that's how you can tell them apart from outdoor frogs. Edward was made for a single scene in the first DVD, but it wasn't until Craig joined the Fred and Susie cast that the little frog found his voice! Edward has appeared in several videos on our website, and he has his own regular spot in the TV series called "Memorize IT!" Click Edward to watch his "Welcome" video.

Favorite thing: Peace and quiet (which he doesn't get much of around here!)
The Sheep

Voiced by Assorted cast members

The sheep just sort of wandered into Fred and Susie DVD 1, and due to their immense popularity with some of our adult viewers, they've been around ever since. We haven't given them names, but simply refer to them like the scripts do as sheep A and sheep B. As a matter of fact, we think sheep A played sheep B's role in the Show 3, not that anyone could tell! Click the sheep to watch a video of one of their adventures!

Favorite thing: No idea, they've never said anything about it. They eat just about everything.
Voiced by Chris Popp

Everyone needs and cartilaginous fish with a gift for commentary, and that's what Stanley is to the Fred and Susie Show. First created for "Things with Teeth" in show 2, Stanley's dry wit has earned him an assortment of running commentary quips here and there in various Fred and Susie stories.   

Favorite thing: Talking with his mouth full
Voiced by Susan Wiedmeyer

Mini is the only named sheep on the cast, and is also the only sheep with articulated legs and hooves for holding props. Mini is part of the Fred and Susie utility players, but she got her big break in the short film "Audition Day," which you can see by clicking her photo on this page.  

Favorite thing: Opera music
Bruce and Squeezy
Voiced by David Popp

Bruce is our Australian rabbit. He's the featured player on The Bunny Buddy Show, Fred's favorite television program. He's also the only character that we've made our own one-of-a-kind plush toy for, which Fred calls Squeezy. Watch for Bruce to appear in the future episodes of The Bunny Buddy Show!   

Favorite thing: Gourmet lettuce and carrot juice with extra carrot juice. 
Voiced by Craig Schneider

Tim is a serious fellow and thinks deep, reflective thoughts about the world and the universe – especially for a pig. Tim is currently working on his Masters Degree in physics, having already earned a PhD in Theology. He enjoys contemplating the mysteries creation has to offer, and spends long hours reading. Acting is just a day job to pay the bills.     

Favorite thing: Looking at the heavens in prayerful meditation, as well as eating corn on the cob.
Voiced by Chris Popp

Charles is a beaver - part of the family castor canadensis. (Just ask him and he'll tell you all about it!) His motto is, "A beaver's work is never done." And to his credit, he's always busy doing something. Charles was created specifically for "Things with Teeth" from show 2, but look for Charles, teeth and all, to appear in future Fred and Susie episodes. 

Favorite thing: Wood to chew, and lots of it! 
Trixie the Cow
Voiced by Craig Schneider

Trixie is our resident cow on the show. She's probably also the largest puppet we've built to date. In show 3, Trixie is Pete the cowpoke's cow, and she plays an important role in rescuing the banana merchant. Being a cow, we often need a cow interpreter to understand exactly what she's saying, which is a good thing that we have Sam on the show. It turns out he speaks fluent cow.  

Favorite thing: Banana milkshakes 
Tony and Luigi
Voiced by Chris Popp and Craig Schneider

Tony and Luigi are our "New York Crabbies." We originally needed just one crab for show 3, but Chris decided he liked making the orange one so much (Tony) that he needed to build a blue crab too (Luigi). As soon as Craig and Chris began working with the crabs, we could see we'd need to make them a regular feature in the show. Look for Tony and Luigi's antics to appear on our Video Clips page shortly!

Favorite thing: Who knows what actually makes crabs happy?
Voiced by Chris Popp

Steve showed up for the "Things with Teeth" auditions for the part of the crocodile, and he just seemed to be a natural at the role. We offered him the part right then and there. Although he had some trouble with the lines (his scripts kept disappearing), we never thought much about it. It wasn't until after the show was finished that we discovered Steve really was a crocodile! It explained a lot, especially the missing scripts and crew members.

Favorite thing: We're afraid to ask him that one. 

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Noel The Mole
Voiced by David Popp

While he may be one of our smallest puppets, Noel the Mole has a big heart. He first appeared in Fred and Susie TV episode 11 as the villainous archenemy of Mrs. Henry, Lacey the Beagle's favorite doll and part time super spy. Noel was a key player in Fred and Susie's recent Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for Closed Captioning. One winner from the donors (Barbara Burris) was selected to give the Mole a real name. Click his photo to watch his music video and name drawing!

Favorite thing: Waffles. What else would a mole love?

Voiced by David Popp

Noel the Mole's squeaky little sister is named Noel-Tasha. (You can tell she's a girl because she has pink fur.) While she annoys Noel to no end, she actually is very cute and loveable. She may not always have the best answer to life's questions, she tells it like it is from her heart. She now lives in Susie's garden, so look for her to appear in TV season 2 episodes of The Fred and Susie Show. Click her pic to watch her latest video! 

Favorite thing: Texting video messages to all her friends. (She has thousands of them!)