Baxter's page!
Our favorite pig with a Scottish accent, it's Baxter, to give you a backstage look at the Fred & Susie Show!

Behind the Scenes with Baxter!
A look at show 2 production
Baxter takes a look at the all new show 3, Being a Good Banana! 
Fred and Susie TV? You bet! And Baxter has the inside story! 
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Meet the Mole! He's the newest Fred and Susie cast member.

For a limited time, you can win an opportunity to name The Mole! Any donation made to Fred and Susie's Closed Captioning project on Kickstarter during the month of November will make you eligible. If the project is fully funded, we'll draw one lucky donor, and they'll get to provide the name for our new character, featured in TV episode 11! Watch for the Kickstarter project to start in early November. The winner will be announced by December 1, 2013.
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