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Episode 1: Out of Control in TV Land*
Concept: Telling the truth
Story: Fred gets in hot water because he’s been watching a show on television he’s not supposed to behind Susie’s back, and he learns that lying can hurt the people he loves. 
Bible lesson: The Prodigal Son 

Episode 2: Fishing for the Truth*
Concept: Learning about miracles
Story: Fred is confused by a product advertised as “miraculous,” and he goes in search of what the word miracle really means. 
Bible lesson: Peter and the Miraculous Catch 

Episode 3: Being a Good Banana*
Concept: Kindness 
Story: Fred sees bullies picking on Sherman, the new kid in the neighborhood, and he doesn’t know how to help – or even if he should get involved. Susie teaches him about the Good Samaritan, but Fred also learns that helping someone in need isn't as easy as it sounds.
Bible lesson: The Good Samaritan 

Episode 4: The Banana Manna Story*
Concept: Trusting in God
Story: Fred’s friend Sherman tells him about the “bananas from heaven,” which leads Fred to Susie for an explanation. Fred then learns about how God taught the Israelites to trust Him by providing “manna” for them while they were in the desert. 
Bible lesson: Moses and the bread from heaven 

Episode 5: The Case of the Missing Bunny Buddy*
Concept: Coping with worry
Story: Fred loses one of his most valued possessions and is in a tizzy when he worries about being lost as well. With Susie’s help, Fred learns that God is with you, no matter where you may end up.
Bible lesson: Elijah on the run from king Ahab. Watch it now!

Episode 6: Moses and the Pre-Server-Ants*
Concept: Perseverance
Story: Fred has misplaced something that belongs to Susie. With the help of Susie, Moses, and some lessons in sticking-to-it, Fred learns a fancy new word and the importance of seeing something to completion.
Bible lesson: Moses and Pharaoh

Episode 7: Fearless Fred and his Amazing Ukulele*
Concept: Courage
Story: Fred is nearly paralyzed with fright when he has to play his ukulele in front of other people. Fortunately for Fred, Susie, Sherman, Lacey, and Daniel from the Bible are all there to help him deal with his fears.
Bible lesson: Daniel and the lions’ den 

Episode 8: Faithful Flower Power*
Concept: Faith
Story: After hearing on the radio that “faith is like a mustard seed,” Fred tries to find out what faith is. He likes mustard on hotdogs well enough, but he’s pretty sure that’s not what faith really means. Fortunately, Susie has a story to point him in the right direction.
Bible lesson: The disciples attempt to heal the sick son

Episode 9: Don’t Be a Forgetful Elephant*
Concept: Keeping your word
Story: Fred starts out the day doing a good deed – cleaning his room, but distraction becomes the name of the game and before long, Fred’s good deed turns into a lot of trouble for him and Susie.
Bible lesson: The vineyard owner and his two sons 

Episode 10: Be a Happy Carrot*
Concept: Eating healthy
Story: Susie is more than a bit surprised when she learns Fred has eaten an entire new box of dog biscuits. To help Fred understand about eating healthy, she turns to the story of Daniel and the hazards of king Nebuchadnezzar’s amazing buffet. 
Bible lesson: Daniel and eating right

Episode 11: The Secret Life of Mrs. Henry*
Concept: Being trustworthy
Story: Lacey entrusts Fred with a secret about her favorite toy, Mrs. Henry. But Fred isn’t very careful and lets it slip. Later, when Fred has to trust Sherman to keep his word about Sam's surprise birthday party, he becomes worried that what he did to Lacey will happen to him. 
Bible lesson: David and king Saul 

Episode 12: The Crazy Cactus From El Paso*
Concept: Responsibility
Story: Fred has decided he wants a pet, but Susie isn’t sure he’s ready for the responsibility, so as a test, she gives him one of her houseplants, an ordinary cactus, to tend. But things quickly get out of hand when in a daydream, Fred’s imagination runs wild – along with the Crazy Cactus from El Paso – and he learns a good lesson about responsibility.
Bible lesson: The maidens and the lamps

Episode 13: Have a Helping Heart*
Concept: Having a helping heart
Story: A big storm damages the park, and Fred and Sherman are distressed to learn that the city plans to turn it into a parking lot. Fortunately Susie has a plan, but it's going to take everyone's best effort to save the park in time! 
Bible lesson: The servants and the talents

Episode 14: A Most Helpful Contest*
Concept: Humility
Story: Fred and Sherman help new-neighbor Nole-Tasha install her mailbox. They then decide to have a contest to see how many more helpful things they can do, but Fred quickly gets bent out of shape when the contest is declared a tie. Susie, however, knows just what Fred needs to learn to set things right, and it's not really about being helpful at all!
​Bible lesson: the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

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