Hello Fred and Susie fans!  We're loading up our website with some new educational videos, just for you!
The Home EDucators Recource Directory (HERD) is a prestigeous organization dedicated to reviewing and indentifying helpful, trusted materials for families that choose to home school their children. This winter, Dropped Pencil LLC again received notification that its line of Fred and Susie products were reviewed and approved by the HERD organization. That makes 5 years running! Fred and Susie are thrilled with the HERD recommendation, as their television and DVD programs are all about providing quality educational content.

March 2017
Fred & Susie News
To learn more about HERD, click the seal above or visit www.homeeddirectory.com.
Fred and Susie on more TVs? Why of course! After more than a full year of work, Fred and Susie are now airing on three new stations, including UCB TV in the United Kingdom, ACC TV in Australia and New Zealand, and on TBN's Smile of a Child all around North America! Fred and Susie are happy to have such great broadcasting partners, and it means many more people will now be able to learn about God's love. Check your local listings for dates and times, and see what Fred and Susie are all about!

February, 2016

Big Broadcast news for Fred and Susie!
Learn It!
Fred and Susie are happy to announce that they are releasing select educational content from their TV series to be posted on their website. They will put up new videos over the next few months. See how honey is made in The Honeybee and You!. Click the TV or the Learn It! button on the menu to get started. Enjoy!
July 2017
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Fred and Susie awarded the HERD seal of approval

New on FredandSusie.com, it's Fred's Joke Time! Fred has a sense of humor, but we'll let you decide if it's good, bad, or just plain silly. In each segment, Fred tells you a knock knock joke, but with two different endings. Try them on your family and friends and surprise them with both versions. Click on Fred's TV to go to the page, and watch for more in coming months!

August 2016
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Fred's Joke Time open for business!