Five short answers to some pretty big questions:

1 - What is the Fred and Susie project?
The Fred and Susie project is our attempt to produce quality children's television that not only entertains, but also promotes creativity, imagination, and a solid set of values to help children deal with the world in which they live. Our motto, Creative family fun, Great family values, is the key to everything we do.

2 - Why do it?
Many of the best children's shows in the history of television were fairly simple, providing good messages, values, and creative entertainment. Modern TV has blurred the lines between shows that are actually good for children and what should really be considered adult programming. We created Fred and Susie out of a desire to provide television that lets kids explore the world and grow up at their own pace, while still allowing them to be kids.  

3 - How is Fred and Susie different?
In looking at what is available for kids to watch, it was clear that there is a lot of room for a show that speaks to God's Biblical truths and how to apply those truths to everyday living (without being heavy handed about it). We also noticed that there is a big gap when it comes to teaching kids how to make stuff. Fred and Susie includes both things in hopes of fostering good core values and creative expression through the arts. 

4 - What age group is the show's target?
Fred and Susie is family entertainment. The songs and puppets are great for most kids 2 to 9. The craft projects can be completed by children 3rd through 6th grade on their own and by younger ones with a grown-up's help. The themes from each show are good lessons for anyone to learn, young and old alike. And, we've found that the show rates well with every dog that has seen it. (It's true!) 

5 - Where can I find more Fred and Susie videos?
We have a limited run of Fred and Susie DVDs available, both of our original three long-format shows, as well as a complete set of the first 14 TV episodes. Click the Episodes button to learn more. 

We have also partnered with a children's educational video company, called Highbrow. This is a subscription-based streaming video site that can be used with all devices.You can learn more about that at

To keep up with Fred and Susie's latest activities, be sure to follow our Facebook page. We let you know when we're hosting events, and you'll get a lot of behind-the-scenes coverage of our latest videos and projects. 

And if you want to know more about us, be sure to watch the Get to Know Us video.

If you haven't guessed yet, we're really glad you've dropped in to check us out, and we hope that you and your family have a great time laughing and learning along with us!

David Popp

The F&S Project
The Fred and Susie Promise:
"Our pledge to you is to help build your child's core values and foster creativity through entertainment, education, and God's principles."
Fred and Susie is approved by the Home Educators Resource Directory (HERD) for use by homeschool families.

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