We're partnered with Compassion International to help children and communities all over the world!
Compassion Connection
In June, 2011, Dropped Pencil LLC and PoppArt Studios, the production companies for the Fred and Susie Show, signed an agreement to partner with Compassion International to help with CI's Leadership Development Program. Starting now, a $1 from the sale of every Fred and Susie original series DVD will be donated to Compassion International.

 The organization's Leadership Development Program provides educational opportunities for young adults in impoverished situations so that they may become doctors, nurses, teachers, and many other important professions, which ultimately benefit the communities and countries where they live. 

Ingrid Hanson-Popp, Dropped Pencil's CEO said that, "I've observed Compassion's integrity and effectiveness first hand for a number of years. We as a company feel privileged that Fred and Susie get to be a part of helping people around the world through Compassion." 
Fred and Susie team up with Compassion International to help fight poverty. To learn more about CI, click the white button above.
Fred and Susie are partners with 
Compassion International
To learn more about Compassion International and to find out how you can get involved with its various excellent programs that help children in need, visit the organization's website today at  www.compassion.com/fredandsusie. 
June 25, 2011

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