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Being a Good Banana - Learning Kindness

Being kind to a friend is easy, but what about helping someone you don't really know? That's what Being a Good Banana is all about! A pleasant day in the park for Fred and Lacey suddenly changes when they witness a group of bullies stealing a toy from Sherman, the new kid in the neighborhood. Although Lacey springs into action, Fred hesitates to get involved because he's not sure what to make of the bullies. Fortunately, Fred's best friend Susie has some answers and teaches him the Bible story of the Good Samaritan. Showing kindness isn't always easy, however, and before it's over, Fred learns a valuable lesson about keeping a cool head when dealing with bullies. Cow pokes, the Wild West, and helping others are all part of Fred and Susie's newest adventure!

Also in the episode:
• Susie's Lullaby
 Fred's knock knock joke
 The Model A and you!
• The Sheep in A Day at the Beach
 Craft Project: Banana Bread Surprise
 The Good Banana Song
 Sing with Sam: I Love Lasagna!
 Memorize It! Psalm 121, verse 2

Bonus items
 Full instructions and recipe for Susie's Banana Bread Surprise
 Audition Day! A short film
 Fred and Susie's Christmas song
 F&S bonus video clips
 Sunday school teacher's guide
 Coloring pages, puzzles, and more!
Original DVD series 
The case of the missing Bunny Buddy - Learning Perseverance

What do you do when you have a difficult task? Learn to persevere, just like Fred and Moses! In this episode, Fred the dog has lost his favorite toy, Squeezy the Squeaky Bunny Buddy, and it's up to his friend Susie to help him retrace his steps to find it. When Fred doesn't seem to have enough stick-to-it to finish the search, Susie teaches him all about perseverance, using the example from the Bible of Moses having to ask Pharaoh again and again to release the Israelite slaves. Can Fred hang on long enough to find his Bunny Buddy? Watch and see! 

Also in the episode:
* Fred's knock knock joke
* The Alpaca and You!
* A Sheep's Picnic
* Susie's Craft Project: Build a Bug
* The Perseverance Song
* Sing with Fred
* And much more!
Bonus items
* Full instructions for the Build a Bug 
  craft project
* Bonus craft project: Build a        
Behind the scenes interviews with
   the cast and crew of Fred and Susie 
* Coloring pages, puzzles, and more!
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Original DVD series 
Out of control in TV Land - Learning Obedience

Telling the truth and doing what's right are important, and both Fred and the Prodigal Son discover these lessons the hard way when they run Out of Control in TV Land!
Some of life's big problems can start with a thing as small as a simple mistake. Fred the dog finds this out when he accidentally stumbles upon the television show, Things With Teeth. Although Fred's friend Susie doesn't think he's old enough to watch the show, Fred disobeys her. And that gets Fred into all kinds of crazy trouble. Fortunately, Susie knows the Bible story of The Prodigal Son and uses it to teach her friend a gentle lesson about doing the right thing, as well as being honest about making mistakes.

Also in the episode:
* Fred's knock knock joke
* The Dentist and you!
* The Sheep in National Pasture Time
* Susie's Craft Project: Make fish puppets
* The Truth Groove Song
* Sing with Fred: Fuzzy Blues

Bonus items
* Full instructions for the Fish Puppet      craft project
* The Bunny Buddy Show
* Make your own Fish Movies
* Coloring pages, puzzles, and more!
Sing with Fred and Susie! 
We've written a lot of great music for the Fred and Susie series, so we thought we'd share it with you on CD. Sing with Fred and Susie includes some of your favorite music from the television series. Buy the disc, or download the mp3 from CD Baby or iTunes!

• Fred and Susie Theme song
• Persevere
• My Squeaky Bunny Buddy
• Truth Groove
• Fuzzy Blues
• Bunny Buddy Show Theme
• Christmas in the Desert
• Persevere Jazz
• Tomorrow We Can Try Again
• I Love Lasagna
• Be a Good Banana
Bonus songs!
• The Ballad of Knee High
• Song for the Letter G
• Do It Daniel's Way

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