Merry Christmas!
Fred and Susie have a Christmas ornament for you! Watch the video then download the PDF.

Fred and Susie's Christmas Ornament
Craft project steps

Just to make it easier for you to assemble your Fred and Susie paper ornament, we've posted step by step photos below. Click on the first one to get started. You'll need one or more ornament printouts, some ribbon, a little tape, scissors, and a glue stick. Have fun!
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Free craft project!

Click the PDF in the box to download your own Fred and Susie ornament craft project! Print the PDF on heavy paper or light cardstock and then put it together. See phot steps below. 
Step 1: Print the PDF on light cardstock or heavy paper. You'll also need a scissors, glue stick, tape, and a short length of ribbon. Once you've got all that, you're ready to begin!
Step 2: Cut it out! Use the scissors to carefully cut out the ornament. Pay special attention to all the little tabs along the edges. We'll need those to glue the pieces together, so don't accidentally snip them off.
Step 3: Time to fold! Next, fold the ornament on all of the marked lines. You want to make all the fold creases, including the tabs, before you try to assemble the ornament. Work carefully so all the triangles will line up.
Step 4: In the loop! Next, we need to install a loop of ribbon so you can hang your ornament. Cut 5 inches of ribbon, hold the ends together, and tie them into a knot. Then tape the ends inside the ornament on the back side of the blue guy so the loop comes out above his head.
Step 5: Time to glue! We'll start by gluing the tab under the blue guy into place. Carefully apply the glue stick to the tab, and then attach the tab to the back of the Fred and Susie logo between the pictures of Fred and Susie. Hold it for a minute until the glue sets.
Step 6: Sticky business. Work your way around the ornament gluing the remaining tabs. When you have just one more connection to make, you'll find you'll need to glue two tabs at once. This is tricky, and you may need a grown-up's help. You can also use clear tape to make these last two connections.
Finished! Once you're done, your ornament should look like this. Give the glue 5 minutes or so to set and then hang the ornament on your Christmas tree. Have fun!
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