Merry Christmas!
Welcome to Fred and Susie's Christmas activity page. Watch some of our fun videos, then print out a project or two to do!

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Fun Project! 
Susie and "Randolph the Reindeer" (Fred) are here to bring a bit of Christmas fun, plus download the PDF of their great paper project! Click the TV to get started!

Music Video! 
Fred, Susie, and a bunch of friends share their great original Christmas song with you. Sing along with your whole family! Click the TV to start the music!

Tour Bethlehem! 
Ever want to see the Christmas story for yourself? Using their imagination, Noel-Tasha and Susie take a tour of the Holy Land at the time Jesus was born! Click the TV to start the tour!

Crazy Cactus Carols!
Fred and Carl the Cactus are here to sing some of their favorite Christmas carols. Unfortunately, neither of them are very good at remembering the words. Click the TV for some silly fun!
Christmas Episode!
Fred and Susie made a 10-minute Christmas episode! It includes a fun song, a craft project,and some of the silly antics you'd expect from Fred. Grab a healthy snack and click the TV!
​Great Craft Project!
​Help the Alpaca get dressed for Christmas. Click the paintbrush to download the PDF, then print it on paper or card stock, clip the parts out with a scissors, and your alpaca is ready play dress-up!  
Make a Paper Ornament 
After watching the Fun Project video above, click the paintbrush to download our Ornament PDF. Print it on heavy paper and grab a pair of scissors and some tape and you are ready to get started!