Snapshots of filming and latest Fred and Susie events are all right here!
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Photo Stuff!

Whether it's filming episodes of Fred and Susie, recording the  music, or attending one of the many events we visit to tell everyone about our show, we do a lot of cool stuff around here!
      2012 Lifest Trip 

See Fred's LIFEST 2012 photo blog. Click Fred's picture to take the tour!
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Fred and Susie at
The EggStravaganza!

Fred and Susie took part in a huge Easter egg event. Click the photo to see it all!
Filming DVD 3!

Take a behind-the-scenes photo tour of what it took to make Fred and Susie, Being a Good Banana DVD. Click the photo.
   Television Season 1! 

Look behind-the-scenes at Fred and Susie's Television Adventure in this new collection of photos from season 1 production!

        Episodes 14
Behind the Scenes! 

What are Fred, Susie, and the rest doing while filming the new episode, 
A Most Helpful Contest? Here are some photos to fill you in!